XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo

VIP XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo 1.1.0 patch level 1

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  • Improved API call error logging to display more comprehensible errors.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a "Sorry, that username already exists" error on automated account creation.
  • Fixed an error that prevented the update available message from vanishing after updating.
  • Fixed a "instance of WP_User expected, boolean given" error.
  • Fixed an issue that would sort the profile views article list backwards.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent promoted articles from being automatically tagged with 'render-bb-code'.
  • Fixed a "call to isPrefixValid on null" error on linking threads without nodes.
  • Fixed an issue that would always render ellipsis instead of an excerpt text on featured articles.
XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo Version 1.0.0 Patch Level 5 Released

  • Added an option to automatically limit articles on front pages to an excerpt of user-defined length or stick with the full article (until a <-more-> link is encountered).
  • Added an advanced "JavaScript Wrapper mode", to help with JavaScript/jQuery incompatibilities. Please check out the documentation for further reading.
  • Added an advanced "Cross-Origin mode", to help out with subdomain setups. Please check out the documentation for further reading.

Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed an issue that would result into "The link you followed has expired" pages when dealing with WP ajax requests.
  • Fixed an issue that lead to an error page when the plugin or theme was being deactivated (although the deactivation still worked).
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes lead to widget saving looping infinitely.
  • Fixed a "trying to get property of non-object" bug on the recent posts widget.
  • Promoting a thread does now create a WordPress user account when no WordPress user account was found, instead of posting the article without an associated user.
  • Avatar synchronization can now be disabled.
  • XenForo dynamic avatars no longer appear broken when not using the XPress theme.
  • Automatic thread creation through posting an article no longer ignores watch preferences of the creating user.
  • Fixed an issue that would wrongly escape author names in some locations.
  • Assorted styling fixes and improvements for Internet Explorer.
  • Shortened "Edit <article title>" link to "Edit" for article overview.
  • Hover text on featured items without featured images no longer appears white (and therefor unreadable).
  • Dynamic avatars for the same user no longer randomly change colours throughout the page.
  • Disabling the WordPress plugin while the WordPress theme is still active no longer renders the frontend unaccessible.
  • Added an icon to the "Go to article" button in UI.X themes
  • Fixed an issue that would link a users profile page homepage entry to the blog root when no homepage was set.
  • Going from XenForo ACP to WordPress Dashboard no longer displays the WordPress login page when SSO is enabled and no existing WP session is found, but logs the user into WordPress now.
  • WordPress user accounts are now deleted alongside their XenForo counterparts.
  • Font awesome icons in WordPress articles/pages are no longer rendered in italic font style.
  • Fixed a missing whitespace in the WordPress admin bar user dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue that would render the default widget titles instead of the ones set in the XenForo configuration.
  • No longer renders XenForo threads unpromotable if their WordPress articles are permanently deleted.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the XPress article option widgets to show up.
  • Fixed an issue that would not prevent the first entry of both XPress widgets from being rendered.
  • Fixed an issue that would double the UTC offset on some frontend timestamps.
  • Fixed an issue that would show a button without icon in UI.X themes on threads associated with articles.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the dropcap letter from being rendered correctly on promoted thread articles.
  • Fixed a rendering/styling issue for the recent posts widget.
  • Fixed the "getting started" url displayed on the front page when no articles exist.
  • Fixed a major source of incompatibility with 3rd party plugins. This fix resolves incompatibilities including, but not limited to the following plugins: Directories Pro, Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin and All in one WP Security & Firewall.
  • WordPress admin bar dropdowns are no longer overlapped by the XenForo navigation.
  • Resolved an error that would prevent comments from guests being posted if comment sync was on.
  • Resolved an error that would prevent the subnavigation cache from being refreshed on category edit.
  • Resolved an `Undefined Index: Style` error.
  • WordPress registration now correctly forwards to XenForo registration if SSO is turned on.
  • WordPress login does now correctly forward to XenForo login if SSO is turned on.
  • Resolved an error that prevented the navigation section selection for pages being taken into account.
  • Resolved a handful of deprecated function call warnings in WordPress.
  • Article content no longer overflows if a word is longer than a single line in the article container.
  • The front page does now correctly render author defined snippets instead of article excerpts.
  • Quote, Code and Spoiler BB codes are now correctly rendered in WordPress when promoting a thread to an article.
  • All media sites that are supported by WordPress are now correctly rendered when promoting a thread to an article.
  • Removed superflous padding on author bits with disabled avatars.
  • Removed overflowing shadowing on the front page.
  • Promoting a thread to an article no longer replaces the content of the first post with an excerpt of the article.
  • Password promts for passworded pages now have correct styling.
  • The front page template now respects the number of articles per page WordPress setting.
  • Front-page.php has been renamed to Front.php to no longer override custom front page selections. You may need to reselect it as page template if you currently use it.
  • No longer shows the general blog sidebar on article view.
  • The XenForo style property section now has a description.
  • The WordPress theme has received an extensive cleanup, and now fully supports child themes.
  • Resolved an undefined function call error.
  • Resolved a trying to get property of non-object error.

  • Added two new page templates: Page (Container & Sidebar) and Page (Container), which place the page content inside of a XenForo page container.
  • Added individual sidebar positions for single attachment pages and single pages with a sidebar template
  • The automated update checker is now available for XPress. Entering your ThemeHouse API key in the XenForo dashboard will regularly check for updates and display you an Update available message whenever a new update for XPress is up.
Bug Fixes:
  • With certain options enabled single article view would attempt to load assets from the WordPress URL rather than XenForo

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