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  • Feature images will now be called correctly if you are using a CDN. This function may not work properly if you are deleting the local images from your /data folder after syncing to the CDN. BOTH files must exist (since file checking is done locally), but the user will be served the CDN version.
  • Fixed the required notice for XF2.1.
  • This addon has been updated with support for XF2.1. XF2.1 will be required for this and all future updates.
    • Reaction handlers
    • Bookmark handlers
    • Share controls
  • Fixed a bug with the category widget where it would show empty categories.
  • This release re-arranges the article view page... moving the first post block to within the comment block. In the default skin, there is no appearance difference. However, with some custom skins, you may have to do some extra work to get things to look proper. This change had to be done in order to fix a bug where inline moderation was not functioning properly for the first post.
  • The categories widget now links to the category from the category title.
  • Added an AdminCP option to "hide" article text beyond the first page. This will make it easier to navigate comments... as well as providing a convenient button to restore the article text.
  • Restored custom thread fields to articles. Previously, you could only use the thread status location; now you can use before and after the article text.
  • Fixed a flexbox grow issue with Author byline blocks; if their byline is too short.

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